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A Bit About John Rountree

John Rountree, Owner and Chief Architect of Rountree Architects, knew from the time he was young that the world in which we live is to be respected and cared for.  In college in the early 80’s, John developed an interest in solar energy and how it could be used to power buildings from the sun, with no carbon emissions. 


From 2006 to 2014 John led a solar consulting company along with his business partner, Mark Pizzi, in which they designed solar systems for a variety of building types.  This dovetailed quite naturally with Rountree Architects, which John founded himself in 1990.

John's professional mission and passion is "design with the sun in mind".  Net-Zero homes are healthy homes, have high indoor air quality and are resistant to mold.  These special homes are created for both high design and maximum performance.

John lives in Westport, CT with his wife in a solar-powered, warm and bright Colonial home of their own.

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