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Solar Panels on Rooftop

Consulting Services For Clients Interested In Energy Efficiency

Rountree Architects consults with clients to save money on their energy bills as well as prioritizing sustainability and kindness to the precious earth. 

Rountree offers consulting on residential projects, either new or existing, for those clients interested in improving the energy efficiency of their home and/or adding solar.


A consultation typically involves:

  • A site visit and meeting with the homeowner(s).

  • A walk-thru of the house

  • A review of their plans, if they are already working with an architect.

  • A review of their current energy bills.


After a discussion of their goals and expectations, we will draft an action plan which will include:

  • Project recommendations

  • A list of available state and federal incentives.

  • A list of local contractors that can carry out the work


Next, we evaluate any proposal as they come in and make recommendation on a highly trusted, respected and experienced contractor to work with and/or help negotiate a contract.

Nomade - Final approved PV Roof Plan (updated 2022.02.11)_.jpg

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From Blueprints To Completed Project:
The Building Of Nomade Restaurant In Westport, CT
Blueprints For Project: Nomade Restaurant, Westport, CT
See The Finished Restaurant Photos Below.

The owner of the then future Nomade Restaurant, in Westport, CT approached John Rountree while the restaurant was under construction with the desire to add a solar canopy over their enclosed dining terrace.


John had built a similar roof structure over his own garage at his home in Westport, where the solar panels acted as the roof and were semi-transparent.  John researched various products and selected the “Lumos LSX” solar system to use on the restaurant.  Each panel is 300 watts and there are 34 panels for a total system size of  10.2 kW


The system is water tight, provides clean electricity to the building and allows light to filter into the space in a delightful way. The system, along with other aspects of the construction, earned the restaurant a Green Building Award from Sustainable Westport in 2022.

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STAPLES aerial rendering _edited.jpg
Staples Solar Plan copy.jpg

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