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Net-Zero Energy Homes

To be considered a “net zero energy home” the total amount of energy used by the home and its occupants on an annual basis must be roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site. 

Net-Zero Energy Home, Westport, CT

In 2015, The homeowner approached me with sketches of the house he envisioned. He wanted to build a near-net-zero residence for him and his family, using “passive house” principles and techniques The almost 7,000sf house delivers on the owners’ expectations. With a 10.7-kW PV system, the family’s average monthly utility bill is $45, which covers heating, cooling, hot water and all plug loads. 

The house’s performance and comfort stems from:

1) A high level on insulation on all 6 sides and

2) meticulous air sealing, 3) high performance triple pane windows and 4) continuous fresh air supply.

Near Net-Zero Home, Weston, CT

This is a very interesting new house I designed in Weston, CT that is currently under construction. It will be a near net-zero energy house.  At 3,500SF,  the home will have 3-bedrooms with a detached 700SF Art Studio.

 It is being constructed using “Insulating Concrete Forms” (ICFs) and features a large glass curtain wall at the Living Room and Master Bedroom the windows will be triple-pane units from Poland.  The center of the house will feature a 25 foot high Living Room with a balcony connecting two 2nd Floor.  Bedroom wings. The house will be powered by a 14kW PV system.

Near Net-Zero Home, Easton, CT

This is a house I designed which has just recently been completed.  It features triple-pane tilt-turn windows, high performance insulation, a 10KW PV system and a ducted heat-pump HVAC system.

Net-Zero Home, Griswold, CT

This is a new 3,500 sf house on 22 acres in Griswold, CT.


The house will feature a large central “Great Room” with combined Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen. The Great Room will be flanked by the Master Bedroom and a Guest Bedroom.  There will be two additional bedroom on the 2nd Floor accessed by a large monumental stair in the Great Room.


The energy features include: super insulation, double wall construction, triple pane windows, air to air heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation and a 13 kw solar PV system.


Construction to begin fall of 2021

Net-Zero Cottage, Redding, CT

My clients purchased a 1800’s farmhouse in Redding, Ct on 6 acres in 2019 and want to build a net zero cottage on the property for their children and grandchildren when they come to visit.


The house is just 800 SF and will be a contemporary version of a historical “Saltbox." It will have a large 2 story living room facing west for the views, one bedroom on the 1st Floor and a sleeping loft in the 2nd Floor


The cottage will have double wall construction to create 12” thick walls, and triple pane windows


 A 7.2 kW PV system will provide 100% of the power to run the house using heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water. There will be a small battery back-up system to run the house during a power outage.

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