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Conventional Energy Homes

New Construction, Remodels and Renovations

From design to execution, our client's vision is our mission.

Please click on any photo for a slideshow of the project.

House Raising Project, Westport, CT 

This Westport home is in a tidal flood zone and and had to be lifted in order to protect it from frequent flooding and to give the homeowners the space they needed. The house will be lifted high enough to create a new floor level and 2nd garage bay below the main house

Beach House Second Floor Addition And New Kitchen

Located in the beach area in Fairfield, CT, this house needed to be enlarged for a growing family. We expanded the first floor family room and added a new kitchen.


We also expanded the 2nd floor master bedroom and added a walk-out deck.

Glass Conservatory Addition With Plenty Of Sunight

The client wanted a room added to their house with abundant light. We designed an all glass conservatory with a cupola that features an all glass roof.

Bedroom Addition

The client had a 1970s contemporary house and wanted to add a 3rd floor Bedroom for one of his daughters.

We kept the same shed roof vernacular and designed a new bedroom over an existing one, creating an open, high ceiling space. With the additional height on one side, we were able to have a sleeping loft which maximized the floor space. The window at the top of the new stair invites one up to explore the new space.

Stone Cottage Addition, Purchase, NY

The client had a small stone cottage and wanted to keep the stone and maintain the  cottage feel but expand the space by adding a 2nd floor and a new 2 car garage.

Garage Transformation With Addition Above

This Westport, Connecticut residence had an aging two car garage which needed to be replaced. The clients had a growing family that needed more space. The solution was a three car garage with a large family room above. In addition the entry was redesigned to include a covered porch.

New Two Car Garage With Guest Suite Above

My client is a noted interior designer. The project required replacing the existing garage with a new  two story garage with a family room in the rear and guest suite above.

We also designed a matching style with the existing cottage style of the main house and uses a cupola, first floor stone veneer and arched garage doors to give it a “Carriage house” look.


The family room features a stone fireplace with built-in TV.  The house was featured on the cover of a local home magazine.

Major House Renovation, Westport, CT

This was a typical builder's colonial in Westport. The client wanted a complete overhaul which included a new kitchen and a new master bedroom suite over the existing 2-car garage. The client later added solar panels to the back of the house, much to our delight!

New 2nd Story With 2 Bedrooms & Master Suite

The design called for adding a new 2nd floor with two  bedrooms and a master bedroom suite.  To keep the scale down, we used dormers in the front and a full shed dormer in the rear.

Second Floor Addition, Darien, CT

The clients wanted to add a 2nd floor with two kids bedrooms and a master bedroom suite above a simple ranch house.  To keep the scale of the house down, we used  dormers in the front and a full shed dormer in the rear to create a “cottage” feel and keep within the scale of the neighborhood.

Dutch Colonial Addition In Tight Footprint

Working on a tight site, the clients wanted to add a 1 car garage, Family Room and Master Bedroom. The design mimics the dutch colonial style and used eliptical openings to connect the different sections of the house.

Large Addition To Accommodate Spectacular Water Views

The house is situated in the Saugatuck Shores area of Westport and has spectacular views of Long Island Sound. We designed a 2-story addition to the house that would capitalize on the view and give them the additional space they needed.

The addition includes a home office on the lower level and a large living room with vaulted ceilings on the upper level. Both floor open to a generous deck overlooking the water with great views of Long Island in the distance.

Screened Porch Retreat

My client had a dilapidated shed in the woods behind her house and wanted to replace it with a screened porch. She wanted a simple room, surrounded by nature where she could go to read, relax and have conversations. I created a gabled structure, with screens all around and exposed heavy timber collar ties. 

She is very happy with it!

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