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Our Process Typically Involves 7 Steps:

We always ensure our client understands the process and likely  timing to feel comfortable and reassured from start to finish.

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  1. Initial Meeting to discuss ideas, needs, visions and project budget

  2. Survey of Existing Conditions to take measurements and create existing conditions drawings

  3. Schematic Design:  Rountree Architects generates a series of design studies to give form to our ideas and your vision for your home, usually in plans, elevations and sections.

  4. Preliminary Estimates, usually at the end of Schematic Design.  We recommend obtaining at least two preliminary estimates from local contractors to affim budget and then make any revisions necessary to bring the project to within your budget.

  5. Construction Documents are prepared by Rountree Architects.  Final drawings and specifications then go out to bid and will be used to obtain all building permits.

  6. Bidding and Negotiating generally takes three to four contractors and Rountree Architects can assist you in this process.

  7. Construction Administration  We prepare AIA contracts between you and the contractor and provide construction oversite.  We visit the site frequently, meeting with our client and the contractor and administer any change orders.  We prepare a final punch list at the end of construction.

Note: we are also able to assist in getting any variances required for your project.  We have had extentive experience in working in coastal areas as well as with FEMA.

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