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Accessory Dwelling  Units (ADU's)

Great News!  Many Cities And Towns Are Moving Toward Allowing Accessory Apartments

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About ADU's.


We Were Featured In "06880 Magazine!"

Near Net-Zero ADU, Westport, CT

The client of this 1,400 SF ADU wanted to take advantage of the recently enacted zoning regulations that allow ADUs in residential zones.


The building is be near net-zero and will have a barn aesthetic with a large 1 story space in the front and a 2 story space in the back with Kitchen, Bathroom and Dining on the 1st Floor and a sleeping loft on the Mezzanine level.


The building could be used for an office, a guest cottage, or legally rented out as an apartment.


Net-Zero Cottage, Redding, CT

The clients purchased a 1800’s farmhouse in Redding, Ct on 6 acres in 2019 and want to build a net zero cottage on the property for their children and grandchildren when they come to visit.


The house is just 800 SF and will be a contemporary version of a historical “Saltbox." It will have a large 2 story living room facing west for the views, one bedroom on the 1st Floor and a sleeping loft in the 2nd Floor


The cottage will have double wall construction to create 12” thick walls, and triple pane windows


 A 7.2 kW PV system will provide 100% of the power to run the house using heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water. There will be a small battery back-up system to run the house during a power outage.

2 Bedroom ADU, Wesport, CT

The clients wanted a small house for their grown daughter, but eventually, they think they might live there and rent out their main house. 


The 1,500sf ADU house is designed for a future elevator to be installed and it will have heat pumps for heating and cooling and solar panels to create a near-net-zero dwelling.


Under the new zoning regulations in Westport, they will have the option  to legally rent it out for income in the future  if they choose.

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