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French Country Solar Powered Home


Completed in 1996, the Taylor residence is a new house which combines a French country style with energy efficiency and passive/active solar design.  A synthetic stucco finish system was used to give the appearance of a masonry exterior wall, but to also add significant insulation (3″ of rigid foam).

The house is located in a field with a gentle slope from north to south. The design concept called to bury the house into the slope creating a 1-story house on the north side and a 2-story house on the south side. Large windows were used on the south side to capture solar energy and to take advantage of the view.

The house uses a high efficiency “Energy-Kinetics” boiler that supplies hot water for domestic use as well as a radiant floor heating system. It also features a Swedish masonry stove, which burns wood slowly and efficiently, offsetting much of their need for oil.

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