Weston Net-Zero House

This is a new house I designed for a wooded lot in Weston, CT that is currently in construction. It is designed to be a near “net-zero energy” home. The main house is 3,500sf with a 700sf detached artist Studio. It will be constructed using “Insulating Concrete Forms” (ICFs) and the roof and exterior walls will be clad with standing seam metal. The windows will be triple pane tilt-turn from Europe. The house will have radiant floor heating and a ducted min-split heat pump for supplemental heating and cooling. Because of the high level of air tightness the house, it will also have a balanced heat-recovery-ventilation system to bring in fresh air. The center of the house will feature a 25 foot high Living Room with a balcony and a sky-bridge connecting two 2nd Floor Bedroom wings.

The house will be powered by at 14kW PV system.

Compo Road, Westport, CT Solar Retrofit

This video was made during the installation of our roof integrated solar system in 2010. At the time I was working as an architect and leading a solar consulting company, Westport Solar Consultants. The video shows the panels being installed and describes the multi-functional nature of the system. 

Compo Road, Westport, CT Solar Retrofit

A more "nuts and bolts" discussion and tour of the above home with specific installation and performance details.

Compo Road, Westport, Drone Fly-Over

A "view from above...

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