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Solar Powered Barn

The client, a recently retired businessman, wanted a space of his own, attached to the house but not in the house.  He was enamored with barns, their openness and the aesthetics of timber frame construction. He also was determined to create a structure that was energy efficient and used passive and active solar systems.

The owner decided he wanted an “authentic” barn and discovered a company in Vermont that refurbished vintage barns: The Barn People, Inc. provided the 200 year old barn frame and the owner sourced out a variety of vintage barn wood material for the interior and exterior finishes.  RA designed the space and the fenestrations around the frame. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) were used for cladding. A Geothermal system was installed to provide heating and cooling and a 5kW PV system was installed on the roof.

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