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Rountree Architects, based in Westport, CT is an architectural firm founded in 1990 dedicated to creating structures that are beautiful, functional and energy efficient.  We specialize in residential design and offer full architectural services for projects from small additions to new homes.  Our design approach is to integrate the client's needs and budget with informed decisions about healthy, environmentally sound construction.  We advocate for the use of clean, renewable energy technologies and passive house construction techniques.

Whether you are considering building a new house, or doing an addition or renovation, we would be happy to talk to you.  We have been serving happy homeowners for nearly 30 years.


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Committed To Caring About Global Warming

A Path To Net Zero

Designing and building net zero homes is Rountree Architect's passion. The short film titled: “A Path to Net Zero”  features a home they had the privilege to work on in Westport.  


The film was made by my Mr. Rountree's son, Ben Rountree, who is a cinematographer, under a grant from the Connecticut Architectural Foundation, with partial sponsorship from UniLux (windows) and Mitsubishi (heat pumps). 


Buildings produce 40% of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. This film makes a powerful statement for the need for net-zero homes in light of the recent catastrophic climate events.  


They recently entered the film in an AIA Film competition and it was selected as one of the finalists.

Enjoy a Virtual Tour of a Net-Zero Home

The scientific community is clear that the effects of man-made CO2 emissions on the environment are creating havoc around the world.  Because buildings account for 40% of the CO2 emissions, architects have a responsibility to change the way they are built to reduce or eliminate their "carbon footprint". 


Rountree Architects is steadfastly committed to change the way buildings are designed and to mitigate their negative impacts.It is now possible and economically feasible to create buildings that are “Net-Zero” in terms of their energy use. Net-Zero buildings are able to generate all the energy they use with on-site solar PV systems.  Net Zero homes are healthy homes. They have excellent indoor air quality and are resistant to mold growth. Net-Zero buildings have a positive impact on the environment, and are now more economically feasible than ever before.

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  • Schematic design

  • 3D visualizations

  • Construction documents

  • Construction administration

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Net-Zero Energy Homes


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