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On the Boards - Net-Zero Guest Cottage In Redding, CT

My clients for this project bought a 1780 house on 8 acres in Redding and are planning to do a major renovation to it. They also want to build a small Guest Cottage on the property for their adult children and families to use when they come to visit. They plan to complete the cottage first and live in it while the historic home is being renovated.

The cottage will be a net-zero, 800SF saltbox with one bedroom on the 1st floor and an open loft on the 2nd floor. The design calls for a large “cutainwall”on the west elevation with views of a lovely wooded area. The south-facing roof will have an 8kW PV system with battery back-up and is expected to provide 100% of the power used in the cottage.

Heating, cooling and hot water will be supplied by heat pumps. Because of the air tight construction, a heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) will supply continuous fresh air. This small house will also have triple pane windows; super insulated walls and roof and a sealed combustion wood burning stove.

Construction is to begin in the spring, 2021


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